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Go Cards blodprøver/DNA
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Maintaining a high level of quality

For a stable, longterm DNA program, blood has proven to serve as the most reliable sampling substance available. Other material such as hair roots or mucus smears may occasionally serve as samples for DNA analysis but don’t offer sufficiently top-level and consistent quality when used as part of a long term and comprehensive deployment.

Diagnosis with GOcard-SC

For purely diagnostic evaluation of specific DNA markers, or to establish a reference data archive, a few single drops of blood on GOcard-SC suffice (see example of GOcard-SC below). If such drops of blood are properly entered on the card, sufficient sampling material is available directly on GOcard-SC for identity and parentage verification as well as sequence-based typification of specific genetic diseases.

Reasearch material

To generate genetic material from animals that are poised to be used in scientific research, at least 3 ml of EDTA fresh blood samples are desirable.